Publication List

Barrett L. Dorko, P.T.

In "The Physical Therapy Forum"

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In "The PT Bulletin"

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"Creative, Eccentric, or Weird?...Proper Definitions Important to Professionals" Vol 3 No. 47 November 30, 1988

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In "Physical Therapy Today" Official Publication of the Private Practice Section, APTA

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In "Somatics, The Magazine/Journal of the Bodily Arts and Sciences"

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In "Jugglers World" Official Publication of The International Jugglers Association, a series of essays from 1989-1994

"Juggling Philosophically"

"Juggling Courageously"

"Juggling Playfully"

"Juggling Manfully"

"Juggling Ourselves"

"Juggling Foolishly"

"Juggling Chaotically"

In "Allied Health Network"

"As Two Rivers Meet; Some Thoughts on the Modality of Touch" January 20, 1995

An essay contained in "The Bobaths" by Jay Schleichkorn

Therapy Skill Builders 1992

In "Mentor; A quarterly journal about men and their journey of discovery"

"The Courageous Lover" Spring 1994

"Without a Limp" Fall 1994

In "P.T. Today"

"Moving With Sound Alone; Poetics in Therapy" May 1, 1995

In "Impact," a publication of the Private Practice Section of the APTA

"Marvel's Lesson" March 1996


"Morning Call" in "Enkidu; Men's Poetry" No. 2 1993

"Now" in "Mentor" Fall 1994

"Brocade" in "P.T. Today" May 1, 1995

In "The Museletter" of the National Association for Poetry Therapy:

"On Words and Movement" November 1995

As of June 1995, Barrett has also published over 100 regularly appearing columns entitled "From Dorko's Desk" in The P.T. Forum.

These each contain 500-600 words and cover a wide range of subjects related to the practice of physical therapy. He now writes a similar column entitled "The Clinician's Manual" which appears in "P.T. Today".

In December of 1995 Slack Inc. published Shallow Dive; Essays On The Craft Of Manual Care, Barrett's first book.