The Death of an Old Man

When I died today nobody cried
Nobody mourned, nobody sighed
I was alone as I had recent been
Without enemy, friends or even kin

When I died today in my bed
It didn't matter, I was already dead
Heart cold and hard as a stone
Emotionally empty and alone

When I died today it was a gentle touch
I had died before from loving too much
Colors long faded to a greyness dull
Music no longer filled my soul

When I died today, I just let go
My back was bent, my footsteps slow
Some years before my heart went cold
Some years before I grew so old
When I died today, only my body went
My life was empty, spirit spent
Humor vanished as a mist
Laughter a memory sorely missed

When I died today it was for the best
The pain was over and laid to rest
Body caught up with its soul astray
That had died before I died today

            Jim Meadows

Jim Meadows P.T. is one of the preeminent teachers of manipulative therapy in North America and has published extensively in this field. More of his work may be found at his web site. This is Jim's first published poem.